Oct 22 2013

Japan 2013


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Oct 22 2010

Nerd Mecca


Will is on fall break so I took the day off for some quality time. So where do a couple of hipsters like us go? Atlanta to the Apple factory store to bask in the light of design genius!

Oct 19 2010

The Boys First Concert – STYX!


My very first concert was STYX on their Paradise Theater tour in Memphis. Jennifer’s first concert was STYX in Florida. Last night, we initiated the boys by taking them to their first concert, STYX at the Tivoli in Chattanooga.

I’ve been disappointed at the performances of some of my old favorite bands, but not tonight. STYX, sans Dennis DeYoung was AWESOME. At 58, Tommy Shaw hasn’t lost a step, his guitar and vocals were excellent. James Young was also spot on. And the rest of the band hung right in there. It was an awesome show, at an awesome venue with a packed crowd that was on their feet the whole time.

What an experience to share with the kids, they LOVED it! And Jen and I didn’t have to attend Justin Beiber or Fitty Cent to share their first concert experience. YAY!

Sep 11 2010

Saturday Cycling on The River


A beautiful cloudy 74 degree morning for my regular 14 mile trek. This photo is at the beginning of the Riverwalk on the lower (South) side of the Chickamauga Dam at the powerhouse.

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Sep 6 2010

2010 Chattanooga MudRun


The boys and I enjoyed watching the 2010 MudRun at Spangler Farms to benefit Habitat for Humanity on August 28th.

Aug 31 2009

The Latest Flowers Addition


Much congratulations to the proud new parents. Everyone is healthy!


May 26 2009

“The Red Team Wears Diapers!”



On Memorial Day, Gabe’s T-Ball team had the opportunity to walk onto the field at the opening of the game for the Chattanooga Lookouts, our Dodgers associated minor league team. This was a fun experience for us all but the real fun started after the opening ceremony.

Taking a cue from some of the fans in front of us as we enjoyed the ballgame, Gabe joined in on heckling the opposing team by screaming at the top of his lungs; “The Red Team Wears Diapers!” It amused all of us and those around us as they too picked up the cheer.

May 1 2009

I got blurbed by Microsoft



This is something I’m pretty excited about. As many of you know, I recently got added to the cool review / writing staff at The Gadgeteer. Yesterday, Juile was contacted by Microsoft to see if they could quote me. Below is a copy of the email.

Hi Julie,

I am contacting you on behalf of the Windows 7 Client team at Microsoft as I’m working on some marketing communications materials and am wondering if you would provide permission to use David’s quote below.  We will reference the blog in our materials, so you’ll be getting exposure for each usage.  We really think his quote will make our documents MUCH better and we’d appreciate the opportunity to use if possible.

“The install went beautifully, and every single component was recognized and a driver was installed by the operating system installer. It took only about thirty minutes and performed two Windows Updates. The end result was a freshly popped up desktop with all features working.”

–David Flowers, The Gadgeteer Blog (Source: http://the-gadgeteer.com/2009/04/20/windows-xp-pro-vista-7-performance-comparisons-on-a-hp-dv2715nr-notebook/)

Please let me know at your earliest convenience if you are able to authorize – or if I should contact David directly (couldn’t find his info on the site, but I did find you).

Thanks so much either way for your consideration.

Amy Pxxxxxxx

Windows Client Small Business Marketing

mobile : xxx-xxx-xxxx



Apr 30 2009

This sums up the problem with Government intervention.



Read this quote taken directly off CNN’s website front page:

Chrysler will file for bankruptcy, an Obama administration official confirmed to CNN today. The filing will follow failed efforts to reduce the amount of money the troubled automaker owed. Bankruptcy won’t mean the end of Chrysler, CNN Money reports. The administration plans to use the process to merge Chrysler with Italian automaker Fiat.

Now, read it again, and again. The “Government” who presented this “bailout money” or whatever you want to call it, as a “loan” is now calling the shots. It wasn’t a loan, it was a take over, pure and simple. Since when does the Government tell an auto manufacturer to file bankruptcy? Since when does the Government tell an automaker who to merge with?

The problem is, it’s only the beginning. When you let government grow, it takes over, and runs the agenda of the people in charge, not The People, as our founders intended. The Constitution is out the window. Just watch over the next 4 years at least, as socialism grows, and personal freedoms diminish. The very sad part of all of this is that this kind of thing has so very suddenly, become commonplace, and is accepted, without outrage, by the Sheeple of the United States.

Those who would argue that since the Government loaned the money, they have a right to control it, I say they never should have loaned it in the first place. Let it fail. Let it go through bankruptcy as a free market is designed to handle. That’s become the result anyway. Just now, instead of supply and demand determining the outcome, it’s a political agenda. Yeah, we need more of that.

Maybe this is what we all need. A good dose of limited freedoms, losing it all. Maybe a few generations after we’re all gone, our great great grandchildren revolt against the Socialist / Marxist / Communist Government that will evolve from these current times. And maybe next time, a free people won’t forget the lesson learned, or waste freedoms so precious, paid for with such great sacrifice.

I have to wonder just how many of the people that elected Obama, have any understanding at all of the Constitution, and how this country is supposed to operate.

Apr 15 2009

Hey Daddy! I Poopted!


pooptedOK, I guess it’s “Daddy Blog” time again. I have to tell this story.

Recently during the Lent season, our church was hosting some Wednesday night events that included a pot-luk meal with a short film. This was hosted in the Parish Hall. It seemed like every time we had attended church lately, Gabe was having some type of intestinal problem. So this particular night, we’re sitting at our table with other parishioners as the movie begins. It wasn’t long and Gabe was informing his mother that he needed to go potty. So, being the diligent mother she is, Jen took him to the potty. Continue reading

Apr 13 2009

Happy Birthday Will!



Will turns 10 today! We celebrated yesterday with presents and a Baskin Robbins Oreo ice cream cake. Happy Birthday Son, from Dad, Jen, & Gabe! More photos are located on the Photos page.

Apr 12 2009

Will Brings Home the Easter Prize


willeasterprizeOn Easter Sunday, Will won the drawing at church for the Willie Wonka 52 piece, 4 1/2 pound box of candy. The candy was given away in a drawing today, after each Sunday School class attended during the period of Lent earned the atendee a golden ticket.

Congratulations to Will and our Dentist!

Apr 7 2009

Mr. Pouty Takes the Field


mrpoutyOn Saturday, April 4th, 2009, at approximately 10:30 am, Gabe Flowers stormed field 14 at the East Brainerd Youth Association park in Chattanooga to take on the competition in his debut T-Ball Game. The Oriels, dressed in orange, had a great game. Mr. Flowers, wearing the #4 jersey, refused to move or even take his eyes off his shoes while on defense, but did manage a few hits off the tee. The fact that he refused to run to first base on either occasion, was overshadowed by the inherent cuteness of it all.

Perhaps the biggest contribution young Mr. Flowers made to the Oriel effort, was to intimidate the opposing force with his prominent and ever-present protruding bottom lip. This silent protest, lost on many in the stands, was simply further evidence that he has inherited an immaculate stubbornness from an unknown source. A picture can tell a thousand words, these pictures say but a few, they are however; profound.

Apr 7 2009

Read Me on The Gadgeteer



I was recently given an opportunity to have another outlet to let all of this techno-gadgetry-gaming-computer-home theater-musical-etc. junk out of my brain to hopefully clear out some space for all of my other ADD induced diversions. I’m excited about this opportunity, and honored, as I’ve been a long time reader of Julie and the gang over there, and have come to count on their opinions about technology. Hop on over and check out The Gadgeteer, and if you want to see my articles, click here.

Mar 18 2009

You do the Math



From the AP via Fox News

WASHINGTON — A former Bush White House aide was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for stealing nearly $600,000 from a government program that promotes democracy in Cuba.

Felipe Sixto apologized Wednesday for stealing from the Center for a Free Cuba. He had pleaded guilty Dec. 19 to theft.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton sentenced him to 30 months in prison, three years supervised release and fined him $10,000.

Sixto quit his job as a special assistant to President George W. Bush for intergovernmental affairs almost a year ago after learning that the center was beginning legal action against him.

Sixto worked as the center’s chief of staff before moving to the White House.

Based on 30 months prison time, this guy will still earn an annual salary of $235,000 / year while doing his time at Club Fed. Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Mar 16 2009

Barney Friggin’ Frank



From Foxnews.com

“Rep. Barney Frank says American International Group is “rewarding incompetence” by paying out millions in bonuses. ”

Well, yes Mr. Frank, rewarding incompetence is outrageous. I’d liken it to your continued re-election term after term.

Mar 6 2009

Trying Something New


berryI’m trying something new here. I’m attempting to make a post from my Palm Treo while at a radiologist enjoying a so called “Berry” flavored barium “smoothie” in what is starting to seem like a never ending string of diagnostic tests and unwelcome intrusions into the inner workings of my upper gastro-intestinal system. The after-taste of this thing is absolutely horrible and I get to enjoy it for at least the next two hours or so. Yum!

What’s the point of even trying to give this stuff a flavor? It tastes like curdled Elmer’s Glue with about the same consistency. And if the people that manufacture this poison insist on giving it a flavor, why not call it what it tastes like? How about “Big Foot’s Armpit”? That would be alot closer than “Berry”

So maybe this live mobile post isn’t as exciting as those from a product launch, but it’s killing time for me while I wait and letting me test the functionality of posting from the phone. We’ll see. Keep your fingers crossed.

Feb 13 2009

Site Change


As you can see, I have changed the site. Content is being added and the new database is slowly being populated with old posts. I have settled on a photo gallery and just need to add in the photos. I am stil working on a more integrated mp3 player. Work continues…

Jan 31 2009

“The Gaber” turns 3!



Gabe turned the big 3 today. Backyardagains cake and a few hours at Chuck E. Cheese were the entertainment for the day. Happy Birthday son, from Mom, Dad, & Will! More pictures are located in the Photos section.

Jun 8 2008

Good Luck Canceling your Efax Account



I just tried to cancel my efax account. What follows is the actual transcript of the web chat that you must use as they apparently do not offer phone numbers to their customers to contact their customer service. I’ve recently had more trouble with companies out-sourcing their technical support to foreign countries. I now have direct evidence of the nightmare it creates. If the question you ask doesn’t jive with some keyword in their database, it screws the whole deal up. I especially love how they give some foreigner with no vowels in their names an American name to use. Too funny. Read for yourself. I still can’t believe this just happened.

Continue reading